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Why and how to organize tournaments and events?

Why and how to organize tournaments and events?
In the world of golf we operate for several years. We have experience in organizing top sporting golf tournaments, sports and social promo-actions. We offer a comprehensive and professional service to all those interested in ordering their own tournament. While you spend communicating with business friends or relaxing, we will do everything to make your golf tournament meet your expectations. Prices and conditions for company events can be found here. Below we will summarize the essential experience we have over the years Kořenecko PROMOTER era (since 1999) collected.

Types of events:

for club members
for corporate clients and business partners
Corporate Employe
for golf company
charity, sponzorship
A prerequisite for the success of the tournament is good preparation and cooperation of all participating companies and service companies. Practically, "tournament tailor-made" is the result of the processing of proposals and suggestions sponsor in combination with the use of our professional experience and skills.

We provide:
Appropriate term holding at the golf course Kořenec
- familiarize the client with the venue (accessibility, attractiveness and other criteria)
- choose the format of the tournament and the way the game
- announcement tournaments Czech Golf Federation and its location on the server
- providing server for informational and advertising purposes
- self-organization of the tournament
 - invitations
- Correspondence
- proposition games
- presentation and registration of participants
- Flight coordination
- deployment players
- startlists
- official referee
- professional evaluation of results
- prizes for winners of each category
- company branded balls, towels, umbrellas
- promo on the pitch - banners, flags
- baby-sitting for children from 4 years
- hostesses
- social and entertainment shows
- exclusive photographic documentation (photos, DVD, CD, video)
- Catering - Traditional cuisine and world cuisine has (view)
- reception after the tournament
- Accompanying program (golf academy for non-playing entourage, special competitions, social activities - a trip to the Moravian Karst, near castles, golf merchandise presentation, presentation of exclusive cosmetic companies, fashion shows, wine tasting, barman show, ...)

- accommodation for the participants
- PRO individual training with a trainer. During his seven-year active life of a whole series of events built Socrates Golf & Country Club solid position in the forefront of Czech golf. The most successful golf tournaments have a regular attendance of 100 players, excluding accompaniment. Corporate tournaments to our Golf Academy brings in addition to 70 novice golfers. An attractive program, high-quality 18-hole course, traditional cuisine has Kořenecko cuisine, celebrities and VIP Guests players to attract more and more participation on the following specific grades of tournaments.

    Target group:

They are largely represented in the target group executives and prominent economic and political spheres of decision-makers. According to available information in the "Golfer" is about 26 000 registered players and is expected steady increase annually in tens of percent. The target group of the event is not only the players, but especially golf fans and people interested in this interesting game. It is for them there is a possibility of the accompanying program Golf Academy, where in the presence of professionals and golf instructors can all try golf basics.

According to the experience it can be assumed that participation in the tournament will be interested in these target segments:

      - senior and middle management
      - business
      - important representatives of public and government

Concept for partners:
 -  partners invites their major customers to the venue Golf Tournament
 -  partners may prioritize care for specific customers
 -  informal spirit is easier to negotiate with a partner
 -  the winner will receive a prize - valuable prizes from sponsors

The added value of the tournament:
Tournament organizer actively and spontaneously spreads awareness about their own company / product itself the target group of players, fans of golf and other VIP visitors to the tournament in the attractive surroundings of the golf course Sokrates Golf & Country Club in Kořenec. Here, players, golf fans and invited guests will see the added value of organizing the participants and will give them greater confidence in the brand and other products partners of the tournament.

Why hold a golf tournament:
 -  Golf is one of the most popular sports in conjunction with business
 -  Golf can be a pleasant backdrop to create new business relationships and support existing partnerships
 -  Golf is an excellent opportunity to tell their partners 'Thank you'
 -  Golf reinforces the image of a successful company
 -  Golf can be a good tool for improving relations between employees
 -  Golf offers many opportunities for sponsorship and charity
 -  Golf is not least the way for raising the prestige of the organizing company