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Our unique clubhouse -

Our clubhouse won the 2003 award "Construction of South Moravian region"

Over the last five years , Korenec has developed rapidly and it seems that the momentum of growth slowed down in the coming years. In 2009, additions was put in operation affect, congressional outbuilding with a stylish Moravian wine cellar and convenience services was also extended by adding changing rooms with showers.

In 2010, we roofed our driving range. Along with traditional regional cuisine and facilities Pythagor Golf Hotel *** and Kořenecko resort creates ample scope for escape from ubiquitous civilization. In the vicinity of the Moravian Karst, in the heart of the natural park Řehořkovo Kořenecko to find golf paradise on earth.

The clubhouse has a well equipped proshop and understandably missing spike bar. Sophisticated architectural design allows accommodate up to 150 people at once without losing the feeling of comfort and cosiness. There are easily accessible and spacious parking that follows to the grassy terrace parapet and allows the clubhouse exhibitions of various corporate products and sports attractions.