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Golf at Drahany Highlands

In southern Moravia, Boskovice and Brno, is the heart of the natural park Řehořkovo Kořenecko, near Paprče, one of the highest points of the Drahanská Highlands golf course, is built based on the project Ing. Libor Jirásek, Golfer spol. s r. o. and Ak. sculptor Miloslav Buřival.

It lies on the outskirts of the urban village Kořenec, 10 km from Boskovice, 25 km from Blansko, the county town of Brno is less than an hour's drive (47 km), Prostějov about 25 minutes and somewhat longer Olomouc.

At present, a complete standardized 18-hole course, roofed driving range, putting and chipping green, practice bunkers and a clubhouse with locker rooms and showers, traditional restaurant and hotel with convention facilities.


The golf course "in Kořenec" is an excellent part of unspoilt countryside, outstanding for the suitably varied terrain. It is a place that provides an unrivaled view of the picturesque scenery of the Highlands region with clean air and immaculate countryside with no industrial pollution..

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The 18-hole course is on a total area of 60 hectares and is sensitively set in the pasture meadows and hedgerows of Drahanská Highlands. Unlike every golf club and golf course, ours by nature was built without disturbing civilization factors. Location, climatic conditions and the broken topography require a wide range of golf strokes from players with normal physical fitness. Visitors are attracted by the exceptional position of untouched countryside with panoramic views of the countryside, an oasis of tranquility with exceptionally clean air. Blanensko is an area of natural beauty with a dense network of cycle paths, hiking trails, Moravian Karst, historical and cultural monuments in the vicinity. Last but not least, a friendly atmosphere to be encountered without a beginner, a club member, or a visitor seeking relaxation.